In an ever-evolving landscape of wedding services, a new trend has emerged – the Wedding Content Creator.


For couples seeking a fresh and innovative way to capture their special day, this trend has taken the wedding industry by storm. But what is a Wedding Content Creator and why do you need one?


Defining the Wedding Content Creator:

A Wedding Content Creator is a wedding professional who brings a modern twist to capturing weddings. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for photos and videos; a Wedding Content Creator captures and delivers unforgettable memories within 24 – 48 hours of your wedding day ending. Armed with a mobile phone, a gimbal, an eye for detail, and a passion for storytelling, they capture every moment, from candid laughter to heartfelt exchanges.

The Power of Swift Delivery:

Imagine reliving your wedding day almost immediately after it ends. This is where the magic of a Wedding Content Creator truly shines. With the ability to edit, compile, and curate footage on the go, couples are presented with a same-day wedding experience like no other. It’s not just about speed; it’s about encapsulating raw emotions and genuine reactions in real-time, allowing couples to relive and enjoy that just married feeling while the memories are still vivid.

A Visual Storyteller:

 More than just recording events, a Wedding Content Creator is a visual storyteller. They meticulously piece together the candid moments, heartfelt vows, and celebratory dances, capturing the unique essence of each couple’s love story. This narrative unfolds through not only the significant moments but also the subtle glances, shared smiles and funny moments that make a wedding day truly special.

 Embracing Innovation:

In a world where social media is reshaping every industry, the wedding domain is no exception. Wedding Content Creators create content specifically for the use of social media, so that you can share your big day with your friends and family almost immediately. Recreate (or create your own) Tik Tok or Reels trends, create highlight reels, or just share snippets from the hundreds of short form videos you will receive.


In a realm where tradition meets technology, the role of a Wedding Content Creator is a beacon of innovation. It’s about capturing fleeting moments, transforming them into timeless memories, and delivering them promptly to couples to relive their special day and watch moments they might have missed.

Meet Paula

Lady who is a wedding content creator wearing a green leopard print dress


As your Wedding Content Creator, I’ll be there to capture all those candid, behind-the-scenes moments, perfect for social media.

From the getting ready at the start of the day to the final barefooted dance, I’ll be there capturing everything with my phone, and then delivering it straight to your inbox within 24-48 hours of your wedding ending.

Not only will I send you ALL the BTS footage, but I will also create highlight reels so that you can relive your wedding day without having to wait for your professional photos and videos to be delivered.

As an experienced Social Media Manager who loves creating short-form videos and highlight Reels, I’ll work seamlessly with your photographer and videographer to capture the memories you’ll cherish forever.

Based in Fareham, Hampshire, covering UK + Destination.

If you’re ready to book me as your Wedding Content Creator for your 2023 / 2024 wedding, CLICK HERE to enquire about your date. 

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